Started in voiceover since 2009

Vocal Range: 10-40 yrs old

Degree: BFA in Performing Arts. SCAD (graduated in 2012)

Location: Tampa, FL




Crush Crush                                 Lead                  Sad Panda Studios             

The King's Heirs                           Supporting

Ashes to Ashes                             Lead        

Matchmaker                                  Lead        

ACTS: Paul Shares Testimony     Narrator             Timbuktoons, Inc.


Princess Panic                              Lead                  PrinPan


The Portrait                                   Lead                  SCAD student project


Banned                                         Lead                  SCAD student project


Limelight                                       Lead                  SCAD student project


ARMSmasters Project                  Lead                  Alpha Omega Animation Design


Fate Saga                                     Lead                  Dir. Dana Corrigan


MAU Commentary                        Narrator             Master Productions


(Voiced in Various Radio Ads)                            

2010 - present
2010 - present

Beyond the River     Lead             Keith Owens, Dir.


Mystery Donor         Lead             Carmen Ruth, Dir.


Life Path                  Lead             Areya Simmons, Dir.


One Step Back        Dayplayer     Thomas Stern, Dir.

Training & Workshops

Improv (Level 1)                              Ibanez Downtain


Voiceover Improv                            Dave Pileggi


Animation Voiceover Classes         Jeremy Umberger, Katie Leigh, Lisa Biggs, Scott Hilley


Voice Acting for Anime                   Crispin Freeman


Voiceover Seminar                         Don Morrow


Voiceover in Radio Internship        Beasley Broadcasting, Inc.